Intro Video and Important Program Notes

If you suffer from lower back pain, tightness, or just don't feel like you are swinging the way you used to; the Core Activation and Flexibility program is for you! In this program, you will learn to move better and activate certain muscles accordingly first, and then progress into light strength exercises. Also, you will begin with basic flexibility exercises and move into progressions throughout the program. It is important we move better first before trying to strengthen. Moving properly will allow us to safely and more effectively perform strength exercises.

The design of the core activation and flexibility program allows the golfers to perform the workout every day. At PEAK Golf Fitness we recommend going through the exercises at least 2-3 times per week. However, physical progressions may be accelerated by performing the workout up to 4-6 times per week as well as performing additional sets and repetitions.

Progressions - When you feel exercises are getting easier, or range of motion is improving, try and progress with the same exercise.

Strength and stability exercise - To progress an exercise, increase the duration of the exercise, increase the weight or the resistance used in the exercise, and/or perform additional repetitions.

Mobility – Typically golfers notice improvement in range of motion after about 2 weeks. To progress the same exercise, increase repetitions or simply keep increasing range of motion without sacrificing form.

Every repetition, on every exercise, has a purpose! Make sure you are engaged and challenged! Do not simply, "go through the motions," but focus on the intent of every exercise, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

Rest Periods - Virtually all of the exercises in this program will require no more than 30 seconds of rest in between sets. If performing a strength exercise for activation, allow 30-60 seconds of rest if needed.

Equipment you will need:

Golf Club

Pole or Long Stick for Stretching (A long golf club may be used if needed)

Mini Band (For Weeks 6-8 Only)

Exercise Band (For Weeks 6-8 Only)