Intro Video and Program Notes

If you're looking for an overall, top to bottom golf training regiment, this is a great program for you! Focusing on all the areas to help promote a more fit and capable golfer, this program goes into basic movement/mobility, balance, strength, and power exercises.

The design of the 12 Week Total Golf Fit Program allows golfers to perform the workout at least 2-3 times per week. Physical progressions can be made sooner by performing the workout up to 4 times per week. It is recommended, mainly with strength and power exercises, that rest days are taken. Exercises that focus on movement and mobility may be performed daily.

When you have completed the 12 week program, you may start again with progressions(heavier weights, more tension, etc.) Also you may email [email protected] for guidance on next steps.

Pay attention to progressions of an exercise. When you feel exercises getting easier, or range of motion is improving, try and progress with the same exercise if desired. The number of sets is prescribed to make about a 45 minute workout. If you would like faster improvements, you may increase the number of sets of any exercises. A recommendation is if you are considering increasing the sets for several exercises, pick the ones you struggle with the most.

Strength or stability exercise: To progress an exercise, increase the time (5-10 second increments), weight, and/or amount of reps (1-2 more).

*Weight adjustment will vary depending on the exercise. When using very light weights, 1-2lb adjustments may be made. For exercises involving more weight, 5+lb adjustments can be made.

Mobility - Noticeable range of motion increase after about 2 weeks. To progress same exercise, increase reps, or simply keep increasing range of motion.

Modifications - Some exercises already have modifications in the description. If you need a modification for an exercise for any reason, you may search our exercise library for a similar exercise based on category.

Every rep on every exercise has a purpose, make sure you are engaged and challenged and see above note on how to progress if needed.

Do not simply "go through the motions," but focus on the intent of every exercise, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

Rest Periods - Exercises for range of motion do not require more than 15-30 seconds of rest between sets. Strength/power exercises should require 45-60 seconds of rest. For any exercise giving MAX effort, rest enough where you are not fatigued before the next set. Know your limits and make appropriate rest times for you.

Supersets - Supersets are when you finish one exercise and go immediately to another without taking a break. After the second exercise is completed a rest may be taken. This can be done with 2 or more exercises (meaning no rest until after your last exercise) and is a useful tool if time is an issue. You may may do supersets during this routine if you please, but we do recommend the two or more exercises you choose are working on different areas of your body.

Know your tolerance levels. Always push yourself and have max intent. With that said, be mindful and know your limits. If for any reason you are not able to do a certain exercise, search our exercise library for something similar that you are able to do.

Equipment you will need:

Golf club and/or pole

Mini Band

Dumbbell(s) or kettlebell(s)

Exercise band or access to cable machine

Stability Ball