Superset 1 - Half Kneeling Chops. 2 Sets of 12

Half Kneeling Chops – A great way to develop core activation and stability.

-Attach a band to a point above head height (you may use a cable machine also)

-Grab one end and go out to a point of appropriate tension in a half kneeling position, leg that’s closest to the wall in front of you

-Stay tall with your upper body, core braced, and pelvis in a neutral position at all times

-Pull the band into your chest, then rotate only your torso (lower body and head still) away from the wall

-Push the band down and out away from you and slowly return to starting position, maintaining posture at all times

-Try and relax your legs and engage stomach muscles

NOTE: Having a wider base will make this easier, narrower will be harder.